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31% of U.S. Drivers ages 18-64 reported that they had read or sent text messages at least once within a month prior to a 2013 survey

How will you reverse the trend?  Read on below for more information from Front Range Insurance Group

The legally recognized definition of distracted driving is, "Any activity that could divert a driver's attention away from the primary task of driving."  As mobile devices become increasingly more universal, so too do the crashes resulting from distracted driving while engaged in a mobile device.  In 2014, the Colorado state government updated its distracted driving laws to fully prohibit the use of a cell phone to send or read text messages while behind the wheel.  Nonetheless, accidents involving a cell phone rise every year.


Especially concerning is the temptation mobile devices pose to our young drivers.  As teenagers across Colorado discover the newfound freedom of driving, they also face the choice between focused driving or distracting themsleves by answering a text message or phone call.


Reliable auto insurance is a first and necessary step toward securing your future on the road; however, insurance on your car is a safety net.  The team at Front Range Insurance Group encourages everyone to seriously consider the potential fallout of driving while distracted by a cell phone.  We'll have your back in the event of an accident, but we can all agree that avoiding a crash altogether is the best solution, and any steps to make this happen are a priority.


Below, we have provided a Take the Pledge contract couresty of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Take the time to discuss the promise to remove your mobile device from your driving habits completely with close friends and family members.  The responsibility to keep the roads around Fort Collins, Loveland, and throughout Colorado is a universally shared responsibility.



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Want to read up on the latest updates to Colorado's distracted driving laws?  Click below:


   Cell Phone Use and Distracted Driving Laws (Colorado.gov)   



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