It's time for your toys to come out and play again! Be sure your covered.




April News & Tips

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving!" ~ Albert Einstein


Time For Toys to Come Out and Play

It's Spring and the days are getting longer and warmer!


Your toys that have been parked for the winter months are shouting "ride me, use me!" You're getting excited at the thought of the open road on those warm nights on your motorcycle or maybe it's pulling up to the shores along Horsetooth Reservoir to start the weekend in your boat! Maybe it's loading the RV with your family, grabbing the ATV's and doing a bit of backcountry play....


Whatever floats your boat, so to speak, it's also time to check in on your coverage and be sure you have the protection you need, if you need it. Many took advantage of offers to lower coverage to comprehensive during the winter months when those toys would be parked. While it made sense to save some money while not playing, you'll want to be sure to give us a call and make sure you've got your liability and full coverage back up and running. Don't wait till you need it, to find out that you don't have it because you took coverage off last fall and forgot to add it back. A short call to our office at 970-223-1804 to confirm your coverage could give you peace of mind while playing with your spring/summertime toys! 


Choose Paperless Options


Most of our carriers offer a discount incentive if you choose to sign up for their paperless options and here's 3 reasons we agree you should choose paperless, if available.

  1. It's green! This reduces the amount of paper being used along with any related fuel costs for shipping for something that could easily be delivered electronically. Recycled paper helps, but there is still costs to create, print and deliver it. What's in it for you is that as the company saves money through reduced mailings they can pass the savings on to you.
  2. Easier to store and retrieve files. Downloading your statements online in PDF form and saving them on your computer is much easier than trying to maintain a big stack of  files. If you have access to your statements online, you probably don't even need to save them on your computer. The important thing is being able to find the document you need, rather than simply storing it.
  3. Increases your efficiency. It's easier to manage email statements: you're able to retrieve documents even when you are away from your office. Without the need to make copies and store stacks of papers, you'll gain some peace of mind through an uncluttered workspace.

You'll still receive your insurance I.D. cards in the mail, but with most companies also having apps that give you quick access to your proof of insurance, the need for paper proof to be mailed may become obsolete. Consider the savings you could find if you made the switch with most of your bills and no longer needed to mail payments out. You'd save almost $60 a yr. in postage if you send 10 bills out a month!


Referrals & Questions


Sue and Marci love referrals! They speak volumes to us on how were doing as your insurance office. We love them so much, that when you send us a referral, we'll send you a cup of java on us and enter you into our quarterly drawing for a fabulous Visa Gift card.

Don't have a referral at the moment, but have another insurance question? Email us and we'll get back to you shortly.

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I really appreciate that you always provide consistent service; the methodical ways and consistently good service are always a breath of fresh air.
My husband and I feel the rates they quote are competitive and they are always making recommendations to provide security to our family.
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Susan always keeps me informed of changes in the insurance world and situations I needed to consider.
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With her knowledge of the industry, she has guided me through the selection process and made sure I have the right coverage to meet my needs.
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We admire Sue's honesty and ability to make sure our family is covered in the best possible way and at a good price.
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Phone calls/questions are always answered just as soon as possible, and the office personnel are both friendly and helpful.
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I don’t even think about my insurance; I trust Sue and she takes care of me. It’s one area I don’t have to worry about.
Sandi J
...Whenever a client or family member asks for a great agent, Susan is always our first answer.
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