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Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb 14th - 20th. Will you commit to a random act of kindness per day?


Randon Acts of Kindness Day - 2/17


February is best known for being the month of love! One can't miss all the Valentine's Day products that pop up in the stores practically the day after New Year's! But, did you know this month also hosts National Random Acts of Kindness day on February 17th or that the week of February 14th -20th is known as Random Acts of Kindness week? Check out Random Acts of Kindness Foundation to learn more.

Imagine what that week could accomplish if everyone of you committed to doing a daily "random act of kindness." Imagine how a simple smile towards a stranger might just turn their day around. Or, how about buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in your favorite coffee drive-thru? What about taking a moment to reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and let them know you still think of them?


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Calender of Acts of self care and kindess

February - Self Care

Self care is an important step that allows you the energy to perform random acts of kindness for others. So, during this month of focusing on random acts of kindness, be sure not to deplete yourself. It's important to keep your cup full and sometimes all that takes is remembering to fill it up yourself.


A favorite scene from the movie Hope Floats comes to mind....


"I love you Grandma. " says Bernice.


Ramona's replys, "Oh honey, my cup runneth over!"


What an amazing image if everyone felt their cup was just as full. Not sure where to start giving yourself some "Self-Care", follow the link below for great suggestions for yourself and for how you can do a few random acts during #randomactsofkindess week, February 14th - 20th!


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