Traveling Abroad This Summer?






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"She believed she could, so she did!" ~ Unknown


Traveling Abroad This Summer?


As school lets out many excited travelers will be boarding planes and ships to start their summer adventures, but many might not be prepared for the unexpected medical injury or sickness. Here are 3 types of insurance we recommend you consider before you head out the door.

Click here to see the 3 types of insurance you need to consider!


Auto Insurance  I.D. Card Needed, But Your Agent's Office is Closed...What Should You Do?


Gone are the days of frustration when you realize you have an expired card in your car, it's afterhours and your agent isn't available! 


Companies have heard your frustrations and made it easier for you to take care of basic insurance needs, like printing out your auto I.D. Cards, right from home or pulling them up on your mobile device within minutes! While we aim to help you with these tasks, there are just those moments we're not available when you have a need the most. Here are a few tips to make those moments easier.


  • Sign Up/Set Up your Log-In at your carriers website for access 24hrs/7days
  • Download your carriers Mobile Apps for quick access 24hrs/7days from your mobile phones (CO accepts mobile proof of insurance, if your pulled over w/o your auto id)

Once you're logged in, it's pretty simple to find your policy information and EOI's, along with Declaration pages, all available for quick printing on the go! There are also 800 numbers with Customer Service Reps that can help with most of your insurance needs during after hour needs.


Our staff is here to help you with your insurance needs in most cases, but don't be stuck worrying about rather or not your covered when were not available. 


Find Your Carrier Info Here!


Referrals & Questions


Sue and Marci love referrals! They speak volumes to us on how were doing as your insurance office. We love them so much, that when you send us a referral, we'll send you a cup of java on us and enter you into our quarterly drawing for a fabulous Visa Gift card.


Don't have a referral at the moment, but have another insurance question? Email us and we'll get back to you shortly.






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I really appreciate that you always provide consistent service; the methodical ways and consistently good service are always a breath of fresh air.
My husband and I feel the rates they quote are competitive and they are always making recommendations to provide security to our family.
Heather M.
Susan always keeps me informed of changes in the insurance world and situations I needed to consider.
Kay R.
With her knowledge of the industry, she has guided me through the selection process and made sure I have the right coverage to meet my needs.
Shelly B.
We admire Sue's honesty and ability to make sure our family is covered in the best possible way and at a good price.
Maria H.
Phone calls/questions are always answered just as soon as possible, and the office personnel are both friendly and helpful.
Phyllis B.
I don’t even think about my insurance; I trust Sue and she takes care of me. It’s one area I don’t have to worry about.
Sandi J
...Whenever a client or family member asks for a great agent, Susan is always our first answer.
Ben B