Congratulations to your College Graduates! What's next for them?

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"She believed she could, so she did!" ~ Unknown


What's Next For Your Graduate?

If they're between the ages of 22-26 and moving out of your household, it's time to discuss their insurance needs as they come off of your policies.


You might be jumping in the air for the savings on your policies, but your graduate might become an insurance zombie if you don't point them in the right direction. Insurance can be  daunting to a newbie that's been enjoying Dad and Mom dealing with the insurance details.


Which carrier to use? Do they need an agent or is online the better option? What is full coverage vs. liability only? Why bother with renter's insurance? And the list goes on.... We're here to make that transition easier on them and as they've been on your policy, we'll have a good idea how to set them up on their own policies with the best coverage and rates for their needs. 

Click here to see the Top 6 Myths vs. Facts when it comes to insurance that this generation questions...   


Springtime Maintenance


As the weather warms it's a good time to do a once around your home and check for any maintenance issues that may have come up over the winter months. Check your window wells, gutters, roof, windows, fences, sidewalks, decks, etc. It's always better to be proactive rather than reactive and the best way to do so, is to know your home. Take  a moment and become a potential buyer of your home and ask yourself  "would I buy my home today?" You might just discover a few small things that need to be done to increase the value and eye catching details of your home. Perhaps the shutters need a new coat of paint or maybe your deck could use a facelift after the heavy snows....Maybe it's just giving your front door a new color! Your home is most likely your largest asset you've invested in, so be sure it stays that way!


If you've done any upgrades or plan on doing some in the spring, give us a call so we can be sure your homeowners policy is still working best for you.


Referrals & Questions


Sue and Marci love referrals! They speak volumes to us on how were doing as your insurance office. We love them so much, that when you send us a referral, we'll send you a cup of java on us and enter you into our quarterly drawing for a fabulous Visa Gift card.


Don't have a referral at the moment, but have another insurance question? Email us and we'll get back to you shortly.


Speaking of referrals....Our winner for this quarter for referring us to your friends is Dale Rushneck! Keep an eye on your mail for a gift card from us!


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I really appreciate that you always provide consistent service; the methodical ways and consistently good service are always a breath of fresh air.
My husband and I feel the rates they quote are competitive and they are always making recommendations to provide security to our family.
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Susan always keeps me informed of changes in the insurance world and situations I needed to consider.
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With her knowledge of the industry, she has guided me through the selection process and made sure I have the right coverage to meet my needs.
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We admire Sue's honesty and ability to make sure our family is covered in the best possible way and at a good price.
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Phone calls/questions are always answered just as soon as possible, and the office personnel are both friendly and helpful.
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I don’t even think about my insurance; I trust Sue and she takes care of me. It’s one area I don’t have to worry about.
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...Whenever a client or family member asks for a great agent, Susan is always our first answer.
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